Fire Safety Audits

p8090688A1 Fire and Safety conduct building and site audits to assist clients in achieving compliance with relevant legislation, Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards and Queensland Development Codes (QDC).

Where we are engaged by a client an audit may include a number of areas to be assessed depending upon what level of Audit is required. Audits are consistent with AS4655 - Fire Safety Audits and may include:

  • Passive fire protection (walls, penetrations, shutter, doors, etc)
  • Prescribed fire safety installation inspection testing and maintenance
  • Access and egress
  • Adequacy and level of fire safety installations
  • Emergency & exit lighting systems
  • Prescribed training in fire and emergency procedures
  • Evacuation exercises and testing
  • Fire system interface testing to AS1851
  • Alternative solutions management and recording

Fire Safety Audits will allow us to identify any non conformances and/or provide recommendations to the client allowing them to attend to these matters and therefore seek to achieve compliance with relevant legislation.


AS1851 Prescribed Fire Systems Interface Testing

fire-panel-hospital-2Australian Standard AS1851:2005: Maintenance of fire protection equipment states that an occupier must arrange for a fire system interface test where certain fire systems interface with one another. For example an Emergency Warning System and Stairwell Pressurisation.

We have found in our experience that many building owners continue to have their fire and mechanical services inspected and tested by contractors (often different contractors for different equipment) who only perform tests on an individual basis. Due to our expertise in this area where we are not the maintaining contractor we are able to assist building owners and managers in coordinating system interface testing.

Our independent service can include:-

  • Liaise with fire/mechanical service maintenance contractor(s) to organise a system interface test;
  • Check the operation of system is consistent with the designed function and capacity;
  • Report to the client performance and defects per AS1851 identified via a fire systems interface test involving a simulated alarm condition.


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